Who doesn't want to soar high in the sky above the countryside, taking in all the views from a very colorful hot air balloon?

Personally, I love keeping my feet on the ground, but if you love a goooood adrenaline rush then this hot air balloon ride is definitely for you.  Even this Illinois city hosts a Hot Air Balloon Ride that draws in thousands of daring people a year!


Galena On The Fly in Galena, Illinois takes you 3,000 feet up into the sky in one of the most massive hot air balloons in the country for 45 minutes up to an hour.  You'll even be able to see Iowa and Wisconsin!

If you think a hot air balloon is terrifying ((maybe just me)), it's actually really peaceful from what their website says!

 Because the balloon travels with the wind, gliding through the air at various elevations, the only time you feel the breeze is when changing altitude or wind speeds.

At Galena On The Fly, they have a 'Great Galena Balloon Race' every year during the 3rd weekend in June!  This year it's happening June 17th-19th with a $5 admission fee to all guests!

There will be live music, inflatable houses for kids, and a classic car show at night!

To put it in perspective, a PRIVATE FLIGHT for 2 is $2,800.  If you're going with a bunch of friends, the price per person is $220!

I really thought it'd be more expensive considering I'm putting my life in the hands of someone who knows how to operate a flying balloon....

Galena On The Fly offers sunset flights on weekends through May, and 7 days a week from June-October.  Weekends they offer both sunrise and sunset flight options!  You & 13 of your friends can all fly together in a single balloon, plus the pilot.

Reserve your Hot Air Balloon ride with Galena On The Fly on their website & enjoy the flight whether you go alone or with your best friends!  They're located at 444 Eagle Ridge Dr, Galena, IL 61036.

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