If you want to talk conspiracies - I'm your girl.

But one of my favorites to talk about is aliens and UFOs. And what one person filmed during a trip from Phoenix to Portland is unlike anything I've ever seen before. So, check this video out, and then we'll have our little conspiracy chat -

Um..... WHAT?

It was reportedly shot last year but only got posted recently. It looks like two dark objects with things that seem like tentacles? And there's two of them? Then they merge into one?

I have no idea what to even guess this is. Here's some guesses on YouTube -

  • It seems there are critters in our higher atmosphere.
  • The creatures are mating ! Too exited they didn’t turn off their “cloaking”! 🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯
  • Those are the contrails of a single, twin-engine ket aircraft in a shallow climb as it ascends above minimum contrail level. It's also just crossed underneath the flight path of the airliner from which the video was taken, at a right angle, left to right. It's not trailing black smoke, as contrails gray out when the sun is near the horizon or has just set. It's still interesting, though.

This was by far my favorite comment though -

  • That there is some of them covids. We gotta hunt down the other 17 of them suckers.

What do I think it is? Aliens. Duh. Whatever it is, I'm BEYOND intrigued!

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