We don't know what to believe anymore. 

When something is sold at such a discounted rate, you have to think you're not getting 100% of what it would be if it was full price.

However, we all suspended those beliefs when Applebee's told us they were going to sell $1 margaritas in October.

Just when you thought you were gonna get drunk on the cheap at Applebee's all month, a video popped up on Instagram potentially raining (watering down?) on our tequila parade.

The video posted by an Instagram user, bitchywatier alleges "The dollarita is literally 1 part cheap tequila, 1 part cheap marg (margarita) mix, 3 parts tap water. We go through 12 gallons of this swill a day."

As of right now, Applebee's has yet to comment on the video.

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