I've always thought that if we purchased (in abundance) the products that are pitched to us during the course of an NFL game, we'd all have several large pickup trucks, and they'd all be filled with beer.

Few football fans are buying multiple SUVs or pickup trucks, but many are buying and consuming enough booze that they could easily fill the bed of one of those vehicles.

At least that's the contention of a survey published by SportsHandle.com, a website that surveyed 2000 fans from all over the country to determine which NFL fan base is pouring the most booze down their collective throats.

You know he throws this outfit on all the time. (Getty Images)
You know he throws this outfit on all the time. (Getty Images)
Getty Images
Totally sober. Nothing to see here. Move along. (Getty Images)

C'mon And Admit It--You Thought It Was Going To Be The Green Bay Packers

Maybe it's my own internal bias, but I had guessed that it would be Green Bay Packers fans taking home this trophy with relative ease. However, in spite of Wisconsin being named the Drunkest State in the Union earlier in the year by 24/7 Wall Street, Packers fans ranked only 15th on the list of hard drinking fan bases.

Bears fans apparently drink more during pregame festivities than Packer fans do during the entire game. That sort of "can-drink" spirit lands the Bears at number four on the list.

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The Bears Are 4th Booziest, So Let's Get To The Biggest Drinking NFL Fans

Here's the top five heaviest drinking fan bases, according to SportsHandle.com:

  1. Cincinnati Bengals
  2. Baltimore Ravens
  3. Buffalo Bills
  4. Chicago Bears
  5. Carolina Panthers

Let's just throw in a couple more of the numbers highlighting Bears fans and their love of alcoholic beverages: the Bears are also in 4th place in the "pregaming" category, with 72% saying that they're drinking well before kickoff, and they come in 9th in the "lightweight" drinkers category.

Over half of the Bears fans that were surveyed said that they had missed all or part of a game because they were too hammered.

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