Same day delivery from Target sounds great, but is anyone else confused about how this works?

Ok, Target, you've enticed me with the phrase, 'same day delivery.'

When I hear that phrase, I think along the lines of Amazon Prime, which has a pretty decent quick delivery option.

Amazon lives online, so you would think the same day Target delivery lives online, too, right?

Let me break it down for you.

In the five cities where Target is launching this service (Chicago, Boston, New York, San Fransisco, and Washington D.C.) you will go to the store. Pick out your Target items, go to the check out and then choose for them to be delivered in a two hour window later that day.

The idea is that in these cities, a lot of shoppers have issues getting their groceries home whether they're walking, or taking public transportation, or the like, but you're telling me people want to take that effort to get to the store, spend all that time in the store and then wait until later in the day to get their stuff?

I guess if it's a birthday present for your niece, or a new set of towels that makes sense, but usually I go to Target for stuff I need, that I probably need before the person delivers it hours later.

But maybe I'm crazy. What do you think, does this make sense? Would you be up for it in Rockford?

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