Taylor Swift has chronicled her every romantic misadventure in many a hit song, but it looks like her new work may be inspired by ~ROMANCE~. The singer-songwriter's on a beach vacation with her one true love [cue "We Found Love" by Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris] and they're filling your feeds with their precious moments.

The couple just hit the one-year mark, which they celebrated with jewelry and an adorably sloppy-looking cake (serious question: Have you guys ever made a cake for your one-year? I didn't know this was a thing). They've clearly headed for sunny climes less than two weeks later, where they can wade in waters as warm, clear and deep as their feelings for each other are.

Also, Calvin took a bunch of photos of Taylor's butt.

Love is crazy, isn't it? It has you singing along to all those mushy songs on the radio that suddenly make sense, gets your imagination running wild with visions of your child-filled future together, and even makes some folks insist on setting friends up with their partner's friend who clearly isn't right for them because "we just want to see you as happy as we are!"

It also makes you write your initials in the sand, if there's no tree around to carve or no Parisian bridge to put a symbolic lock on. That's just Honeymoon Phase 101. It's also confirmation that Tay calls Calvin by his birth name.

Given that Taylor's coming off of a huge year that included a monster world tour, she's probably owed several more R&R trips before her next album cycle begins. She captioned her first contribution to the couple's social media vacay memory book, a video in which she bounces on a very fun-looking trampoline float, "That time when we finally took a vacation."

Are Taylor and Calvin the cutest thing you've ever seen? Do you think the person who took the picture of them both below is a third wheel tagging along, or was it a helpful local? Will Taylor just write happy love songs now, or shift to a different subject altogether? Do you find most pro-love songs as compelling as heartbreak anthems? Weigh in.

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