Teacher of the Week

Teacher of The Week Makes Sure Her Students Thrive in Her Class
Isn't it the most beautiful thin when you meet someone and you can tell they're doing what they were put on this earth to do? That's what it felt like to call our new Teacher of The Week.
I just want to highlight some of the incredible words and phrases used in this week's Teacher…
Teacher of The Week Described as a "Godsend" by a Parent
As a parent, I think one of the best feelings is sending your kid off to school knowing they're in great hands.
When a kid comes home from school talking about how much they love school and love their teacher, that's the biggest win. That's the exact feeling Amber Carmona has when…
Teacher of The Week is Changing Lives in Her First Year Teaching
The first year at any career can be intimidating. Especially if your first year is during a pandemic. But when you're doing what you were born to do, it just comes easy.
That's the case for our brand new Teacher of The Week. It's her first year teaching, but like her nomination letter …

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