When we think of our favorite movie, we don’t remember the specifics — we remember the way it made us feel. We remember the chemistry between two leads, a particularly thrilling action sequence, or a moment that made us laugh out loud. Unless you actively pay attention to the more mechanical aspects of a film, chances are you might not notice them. This is how so many beloved movies get away with leaving continuity errors in the final cut. Some of the most famous movies of all time include small goofs that take multiple watches to notice.

Continuity errors come in a few different forms. Sometimes, it’s a technical mishap, such as when a camera or crew member accidentally ends up in a shot. Other times, it has to do more with the logic of the plot itself, like when a character randomly pops up in the background of a scene when it’s already been established that he’s somewhere else. In one particular case, it’s a Starbucks coffee cup on a table in Game of Thrones. Put any movie under a microscope, and you’re likely to find a particular shot or background detail that doesn’t add up — some are just more glaringly obvious than others.

Mind you, once you see these continuity errors, you can’t unsee them. But you can acknowledge that we’re all human, and mistakes happen. That doesn’t make a movie worse, it just slightly peels back the intricate process that goes into making it. Below, you’ll find a list of iconic movies that passed several rounds of editing without anyone fixing these slip-ups. Here are 12 noticeable continuity errors from popular movies.

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