Americans LOVE holidays. It's an excuse to celebrate and spend time with family. But, more importantly, it's an excuse to spend money. And apparently a LOT of it. It was said that 79 percent of U.S. adults plans on celebrating Easter this year.

Americans are expected to drop more than $18 billion for the holiday.

EIGHTEEN BILLION DOLLARS! That's INSANE! From candy, to clothing, to gifts, Americans clearly go wild for this holiday. At an average of  $151.25 per person, here's the breakdown according to WIFR -

-- Food - $5.74 billion
-- Clothing - $3.27 billion
-- Gifts - $2.87 billion
-- Candy - $2.49 billion
-- Flowers - $1.29 billion
-- Decorations - $1 billion
-- Greeting cards - $780 million

Gone are the days where you could get away with buying one bag of chocolate eggs and a stuffed animal for the Easter basket. Here are some other Easter Stats that WIFR detailed -

  • About half of us plan to attend church on Easter.
  • About a third of us will hold Easter egg hunts.
  • And just over half of Americans (54 percent) plan to cook a meal for the holiday, while 16 percent are opting for restaurants.

Moral of the story, Americans love a good holiday. There's not denying it. $18 billion? Yeah I'd say we go hard on Easter.

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