I saw a list on a popular food website and of course, they managed to leave Rockford off of it.

Called The Best Burger In Every State, I quickly scrolled to see if Rockford was represented on the list.

Of course, with Chicago nearby, making any kind of list in front of one of the biggest cities in America is going to be a challenge.

That's why I wasn't that surprised to see Au Cheval named as Illinois' best burger.

By all accounts, it deserves the praise it gets. Before the virus hit, lines would form outside Au Cheval just for a chance to try one of their delicious burgers.

That left me trying to figure out who makes Rockford's best burger. So I consulted Yelp and typed in "Best Burger."

At the top of the list, Buddy's Burgers, 6551 East Riverside Boulevard.

Mic L. on Yelp:

Best burger in Rockford, it reminded me of the hamburgers my Dad made in our cast iron skillet. Toppings are fresh and the cheese melted on the pretzel bun and burger.

Also on the list, 15th & Chris, Baker Street Burgers, Prairie Street Brewing, and Stockyard Burger Bar rounding out the top 5.

I wanted a bit more info, so I pulled up Tripadvisor. I usually consider it a pretty good source for "what's good" when it comes to food.

Again, I typed in "best burger" and this time, the results were different.

For some reason, TripAdvisor loaded up a few different out of town options, and at the top was Au Cheval, again.

However, if you're looking for "Rockford's Best Burger" you'd pick 15th & Chris, 201 15th Avenue, based on TripAdvisor rankings.

Juliesreview2 on Tripadvisor:

The selection and flavor combinations of these burgers are phenomenal!

So which is it? Is it Buddy's Burgers,15th & Chris, or are we really driving into Chicago for an Au Cheval burger?

What's your favorite burger in Rockford? Tell us!

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