There's a ridiculous movie from the 1960s that my Dad absolutely loved, called The Swimmer.

It starred Burt Lancaster and the premise was insane.


A man spends a summer day swimming as many pools as he can all over a quiet suburban town.

They don't quite make movies like this anymore, do they? Actually, that's a good thing because OMG, it's just hilarious.

So if you had planned to do the Ned Merrill thing, Lancaster's character from The Swimmer, only to realize you don't have the time to go from swimming hole to swimming hole, you might find you only have time to visit just one.


Lucky for you, Cheapism put together an article titled Cool Off Across America: Where to Swim in All 50 States and they said the Eau Claire River in Wisconsin is the spot.

River View in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Getty Images/iStockphoto


Find a secluded spot on the river east of Eau Claire. Park along the road and walk a windy trail to the beach. Clear water and a shallow sandy bottom encourage wading — water ranges from ankle deep to waist deep in the summer months. Skinny-dipping is allowed (although the sand gets very hot in the sun, so shoes are advised even if you're not wearing anything else).

Wait, what? Skinny-dipping? I did a tiny bit of research and didn't find much to help support Cheapism's argument, but someone on Reddit mentioned the Chippewa River (also in Eau Claire) as the best spot.


So if you're looking to lose the clothes and go for a swim, apparently Eau Claire is the spot.

That said, I can't help but wonder what Ned Merrill would think of all this.

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