When you use "That's Cub" as a team slogan you can only go up.

As a longtime Chicago Cubs fan, the slogan from last year's team made me bristle.

All of the near misses and what could have been, and silly curses were supposed to be lifted.

"That's Cub" just reminded me of all that, despite the team winning it's first World Series in 108 years.

This Cubs new team slogan is a massive improvement and one that reminds me of "One Goal" that the Chicago Blackhawks have been using for years.

It's simple but makes sense. Who's "in?" Anyone who's a Cubs fan. You know Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and the rest of the team are "in."

We're all "in"...for another World Series run.

If you're not "in" yet, you have 37 days to get ready. Opening day for the Cubs is March 29.

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