So your friends are coming to visit you in Rockford, where's the best place to take them?

That's a good question. Actually it's a great question, which is why someone asked it on the Ate One Five - Rockford Foodies Facebook Group.

And let me just tell you, Rockfordians have some incredible feelings on the topic.

Is it Lino's? Is it Abreo? Can we all just agree there are so many great restaurants that your friends should stay two nights?

If you go through the comments you will find a heck of a lot of love for your favorite Rockford restaurants, but I think these are the top five.

  1. Lino's
  2. Prairie Street Brewing Co.
  3. The Olympic Tavern
  4. Beef-a-Roo
  5. Abreo

Did you favorite make the list?

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