If there's anyone who should bank on the 'Christmas in July' idea, it's the Hallmark Channel and this year they're taking it a step further with the launch of Hallmark Channel Christmas wine.

The real question is... how did it take them this long to launch a line of Christmas wines?

Also, does the Hallmark Channel air other programming? As far as I know it's just Christmas movies starring mostly former child actresses. DJ Tanner, one of the girls from Party of Five, Jessica Biel was in one once right?

While I"m not a huge Christmas movie fan unless it's December, I am a huge wine fan all year long, so I'll probably look into these.

Jingle is Cabernet and Joy is a Sauv Blanc. I abbreviate not because I'm cool, but because those wine varieties are hard to spell.

You can pre-order them now, but they won't ship until October, which is when I imagine the Hallmark Channel will start airing Christmas movies this year.

Will you try them?

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