If there's anyone who should bank on the 'Christmas in July' idea, it's the Hallmark Channel and this year they're taking it a step further with the launch of Hallmark Channel Christmas wine.

The real question is... how did it take them this long to launch a line of Christmas wines?

Also, does the Hallmark Channel air other programming? As far as I know it's just Christmas movies starring mostly former child actresses. DJ Tanner, one of the girls from Party of Five, Jessica Biel was in one once right?

This year they're giving us the gift of two different wines, Jingle and Joy.

While I"m not a huge Christmas movie fan unless it's December, I am a huge wine fan all year long, so I'll probably look into these.

Jingle is Cabernet and Joy is a Sauv Blanc. I abbreviate not because I'm cool, but because those wine varieties are hard to spell.

You can pre-order them now, but they won't ship until October, which is when I imagine the Hallmark Channel will start airing Christmas movies this year.

Will you try them?

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