I attended a wedding the weekend COVID-19 got really serious. I traveled to Atlanta and it was scary, not going to lie. Fancy hand sanitizers covered the venue and toilet paper was given as gifts. It was a mix of humor and uncertainty.

So Weddings across the country have gotten cancelled. Save the dates turned into change the dates. But now that life is attempting to slowly open up, the soon-to-be-wedded are antsy to get married!

However, they might need to look to the new trend of micro weddings if they want anything to happen soon. WIFR details -

"They first have to understand their 2020 wedding will not happen as planned," says Pine Creek Escape owner Rebecca Jones. "And once they have the understanding that it's going to look different, they're getting excited. You know they went from maybe the venue canceled, or they can't have friends and families to saying okay there is still a way outside the box."

Couples can meet virtually with wedding planners and see venues online. Once locations are narrowed down they can visit the small site.

According to WIFR -

In light of the pandemic, large gatherings won't be allowed until phase five of Illinois Governor J.B Pritzker's plan. Micro weddings, Jones says, is a way to celebrate and plan a quick wedding in 2020.

So if you can't wait any longer to get married, you might want to consider looking into a micro wedding!

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