Next time you think Illinois is just another boring Midwest state, remember the "Most-Googled Thanksgiving Recipe."

I fully expected some mundane recipe to hold the top spot. Something like Green Bean or Corn Casserole. (Thankfully Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, and Ohio took care of that for us, Illinois folks.)

According to Satellite Internet, Illinois' most-Googled Thanksgiving recipe is one I didn't know existed until today.

Satellite Internet
Satellite Internet

It's also most-Googled in Mississippi and Virginia.

I found the recipe for you and you know what, it looks pretty awesome. It's basically a recipe for a fried turkey (which I'm always down for) along with instructions on how to piece together an easy to make Cajun Turkey Seasoning Mix and Liquid Marinade.

I'm definitely trying this for Thanksgiving this year. The people of Illinois might be on to something.

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