Who's up for a sandwich and a ghost sighting?

Just in time for the Halloween season, there's a restaurant that serves (by all accounts) pretty good food and is reportedly haunted.

That's if you believe in those kinds of things, but you have to admit, the folks at Only In Your State makes a pretty compelling argument.

The restaurant, The Roadhouse at 807 South 7th Street in Oregon, "is believed" to be haunted by the ghost of "a woman named Mary Jane Reed whose murder was never solved."

Sightings include:

  • Reports of a woman wandering the halls
  • Falling utensils
  • Objects flying
  • The jukebox playing itself
  • That same jukebox playing the same song over and over

Outside of a possible malfunctioning jukebox, the rest of that stuff sounds too freaky to not think something might be afoot at The Roadhouse in Oregon.

Only In Your State also says there's "a room with a decorative mannequin that stays cold. The restaurant claims the mannequin showed up with a crack in its head in the same place Mary was allegedly injured." Weird.

It doesn't end there. Things get even a bit more strange. So strange, the Travel Channel's Dead Files did a full episode investigating the haunts at The Roadhouse.

If you want to see The Roadhouse for yourself, they're open Tuesday through Sunday 11 a.m. to "close."

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