Jell-o shot making just got even more amazing. 

Traditional Jell-o shots are a pain to make. They get goopy, they don't always mix right, and then when you try to eat/drink them out of a paper cup, messy things happen.

I have tackled this problem many times with a recipe I found a few years ago for Jell-o jiggler shots and I will make them for you if you want to have a party, but I still don't know if my recipe is as good as having a machine that will make Jell-o shots.

What? I know. It's shocking, a Jell-o shot making machine is real, and could change every party you were planning on throwing this summer into a Jell-o shot party.

Plus, get this, the machine, called Jevo, makes 20 shots in 10 minutes! That's absolutely the worst part of the Jell-o shot making process, it takes 4 hours, but now, only 10 minutes? Can I get this today?!

It's legit like one of those individual coffee makers, but for Jell-o shots. You can pre-roder them, but the cost isn't listed yet, but something as amazing as this is priceless.

And, remember my birthday is really soon guys...


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