My daughter danced in her first competition this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. Sometimes dad's don't feel that important to the process. Until now.

High fives, endless encouragement, and writing big checks were part of the process for me as a 'dance dad'. The hair, the make up, the intricate costumes were all on her mom as well as half the money. I remember being at a parent meeting to go over competition necessities and I was the only dad in the room. When they got to the way hair was to be styled they all looked at me and giggled. Sure I get it, I'm a dad and I'm bald... this was not in my wheelhouse.

I doesn't really matter to me what my role is in all of this, just that my daughter enjoys herself and feels confident in her abilities, but wearing this during her competition made me beam with pride.


I found the shirt at, a local company based out of Rockton, and they make some awesome shirts. You can order the 'Dance Dads Matter' shirt HERE.

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