A guy at a Rockford wedding must've been partying too hard because he forgot how to dance.

When I say "forgot how to dance," I mean the dancing guy's legs (or ankles) just gave out and proceeded to get up close and personal with the dancefloor.

The video, shot at the Prairie Street Brewhouse wedding reception, ended with a pretty satisfying clink of the unlucky dancing guy and his glass hitting the floor.

That's why restaurants and bars don't want drinks on the dancefloor. If someone spills their drink on the dancefloor, somebody else could slip and wipe out. The other reason would if someone were to drop their glass on the dancefloor. Broken glass among a bunch of barefoot bridesmaids doesn't usually end well.

In this guys case, he didn't break his drink glass, but he did wipe out, and then spilled what was left of his drink.

I hope someone handed him a pain reliever, at least a refilled drink.

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