The Rockford IceHogs played their annual School Day Game earlier this week.

There was plenty of skating and scoring and flossing. Wait, flossing?

Yes, flossing. the School Day Game is played so kids from all over the Rockford area can take in an IceHogs game during the day.

In case you're wondering kids also like to dance. Currently, Flossing is the dance of choice.

Made popular by the video game Fortnite, kids all over the country are Flossing. As a Dad of three kids, all of them in some form or another have attempted to do the dance so when I saw the IceHogs keeping track of how many of them were actually Flossing at the game, I laughed out loud.

No idea if the IceHogs won or lost the School Day Game and you know what, it doesn't really matter. Because when you have awesome stuff like this to keep me and everyone else interested, the end result is just part of the experience.

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