The Rockford IceHogs do so much for the community.  For one Super Fan, the IceHogs changed this person's life with a small gesture that went a long way.

One of my favorite fundraisers they host is during Christmas time called the 'Teddy Bear Toss'. Fans are encouraged to bring new stuffed animals to a home game at the BMO Harris Bank Center and after the first goal by the IceHogs, fans toss all their stuffed animals onto the ice! The stuffed animals are then gifted to children who most likely wouldn't receive any gifts for Christmas.

The Rockford IceHogs toss free merch into the crowds to give back to the community during games and Hammy the mascot even makes appearances to give free pizzas to lucky fans in different sections of the arena.

So, you could say the Hogs do quite a lot for Rockford!

As for the Super Fans, there are Season Ticketholders who are extremely dedicated to attending every home game of the hockey season.  Decked out with signs, cow bells, and jerseys, you really can't ask for better cheerleaders!

For one Season Ticketholder, he got a chance to win some amazing prizes at Saturday night's home game.  What he didn't know?  He was in for a MAJOR surprise that would change his life.

Jim Grassl (pictured below) was involved in a bike accident that landed him in the hospital recently.  While there, his only form of transportation was stolen, his bike. 
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He relied on his bike for everything, INCLUDING attending IceHogs games. During a game of Plinko at Saturday night's game, Jim was presented with a BRAND NEW bike thanks to other Season Ticketholders and the SkiBroncs!  He won't have to miss anymore games now! WOO HOO.

Over $1,000 dollars was raised for the bike, the accessories; lights and a lock and the money also covered a portion of his season ticket for next season! WOW.

Stories like this are what we need more often in the world.  Tear-jerking.  Heartwarming.  Incredible.  I am so thankful to be part of a community this loving and supportive of others around them - even if they're strangers.  #RockfordProud

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