I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, are you? Chances are we could see some snowflakes on December 25 in Illinois.

Whether you like snow or hate it, I bet you don't mind seeing a few snowflakes fall between December 24 and 25. Santa needs the snow, doesn't he?

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No, don't worry, he doesn't need the snow to deliver presents to your house, but a white Christmas just makes everything a bit more magical.

We are about four weeks away from Santa's arrival and the snowflake predictions are always coming our way.


Will we get a White Christmas in Illinois this Year?

According to IllinoisBet.com (using Climate.gov data) we are sitting at about a 50 precent chance of snow throughout Illinois this Christmas.

The website even breaks it down by city, touting Streamwood as the city most likely to get the flakes on Christmas, with a 52.5 percent chance of having a white Christmas.

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Roscoe takes the second spot on the list! Which is a lot closer to those of us in Rockford, with a 51.4 percent chance of snow.

In Rockford, we have 45.2 percent chance, and if you're heading into Chicago for the holidays, the chance of snow goes down a bit, to a 39.3 percent chance.

Top 10 Places in Illinois with a Chance for a White Christmas

  1. Streamwood
  2. Roscoe
  3. Barrington
  4. Galena
  5. Mount Carroll
  6. Lake Villa
  7. Stockton
  8. Harvard
  9. Morrison
  10. Elizabeth

I believe there's magic in the holiday season and if we wish hard enough we can all see some snow this year. However, I also don't really need snow anytime after January 28. That seems fair, right?

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