If there's going to be Chicago Bears or Green Bay Packers football games in 2020, there's a chance it will be without the booze.

Considering the lack of splashy offseason moves both teams made, Bears and Packers fans might need a drink or two to get themselves through a game, but then there's this:

I could see alcohol being banned at games for the year. (Meaning, theoretically, fewer trips to crowded restrooms through crowded concourses by patrons.)

How are we supposed to stomach another blah season from the Bears without the aid of a frosty cold beverage? It's half the appeal, right? Go to a Bears game, pay an astronomical amount for tickets, parking, and drinks in order to watch a mediocre bunch. Take the alcohol away and you have a reason to remain socially distant from the team and Soldier Field.

Packers fans, I could imagine a scenario where the drama between a future Hall of Fame quarterback and head coach might be cause for a drink.

Either way, it's preliminary and purely speculation from Peter King. Nothing has been said definitely regarding booze at NFL games this year.

At this point, NFL fans are just hoping for a season, and we'll be happy even if it includes another mundane Bears team.

If football gets canceled for 2020, every fan will need one.

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