Purple is a pretty color, but tomorrow it also means something more.

There are a lot of terrible diseases out there, one specifically is close to home for me.

Ten years ago, my mom was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. We are so extremely lucky that she is still here with us today, especially with a disease like this that is very difficult to detect and very deadly.

Since my mom's diagnosis, my family has been involved in PanCan, a charitable organization for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness. It's so amazing to see how it's grown, spreading awareness, so much so that there have been two episodes of Grey's Anatomy this season that have dealt with Pancreatic Cancer.

There is also now a World Pancreatic Cancer Day, tomorrow, November 17. So that's why you'll see (hopefully) a lot of people walking around wearing purple.

One of Rockford's meteorologists, Morgan Kolkmeyer has been supporting the cause all month long.

Also on a local level, the Rockford Icehogs are partnering with 'Have a Skate with Bob' this Saturday to raise awareness and funds for PanCan.

I'm so excited that I am able to join 'Have a Skate with Bob' on Saturday at the BMO! Hope to see you there, too and to see you around Rockford in purple tomorrow.

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