It's National Tattoo Day around the country but what if you were to celebrate the big day in Rockford with a Rockford-style tattoo?

Well, there'd be plenty of ideas in Rockford that you could possibly choose from but here are the 10 best.

1. A gyro - For most people, a trip to Rockford wouldn't be complete without a gyro from Uncle Nick's.

Keep the memory of a delicious late night run for a gyro alive with a tattoo.

2. The Symbol - Probably the most gorgeous piece of art in Rockford.

Why spend time trying to figure it out in person when you can just have it tattooed for other people to ask what it means forever and ever.

3. The Rock River - The river that runs through Rockford.

You'll never forget the first time you set foot inside the Rock and with your brand new tattoo, you'll never have the chance to.

4. The Joe Marino statue - The 4th of July wouldn't be the same without Joe Marino.

The man who makes it happen every 4th of July, Joe Marino ensures fireworks go off in Rockford and a Joe Marino statue tattoo would sure light up future conversations.

5. A potato chip - Rockford has tons of chips.

Most people think of Rockford as "Screw City" due to our history with fasteners but people don't realize quite how many potato chips roll out of town. Get a giant potato chip tattoo on your hip and people will ask why. Then tell them the story of Rockford potato chips.

6. The Coronado Theater marquee - One of the most beautiful theaters in the midwest.

Commemorate the Coronado's beauty with a giant marquee tattoo right on your chest. Bonus points added for having your name tattooed on the marquee.

7. A massive pothole - Potholes are everywhere in Rockford.

We're not getting into the logistics of why so many potholes exist in our fair city but a fabulous pothole tattoo around your belly button will show the whole world exactly how you feel about one of Rockford's most frustrating issues.

8. A giant slice of pizza - Rockford has a ton of great pizza joints.

Celebrate the enormous amount of pizza choices by getting a slice needled on your bicep. From there, you can tell anyone who asks "which Rockford pizza place is your favorite?" by always changing the answer. You know, keep things fresh.

9. A Sock Monkey - Rockford born and bred.

This is one of those "just in case" tattoos. Like, just in case you forget where you're from, look at the sock monkey you had tattooed on the back of your calf and remember, "Oh right, Rockford."

10. The Cheap Trick logo - One of the greatest bands of all time.

You can't get much more Rockford than a Cheap Trick tattoo. While I think the Cheap Trick typeface is cool, make sure to avoid having it tattooed on your neck. While you may think it looks cool, future employers may disagree.

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