Many of the things you think may be recyclable, may not be. This video will show you just how many mistakes we make in the recycle bin.

I recently watched an episode of a new docu-series on Netflix called Broken. The episode was titled, "Recycling Sham", and it opened my eyes to just how many things I didn't know about recycling.

Take a peek at the Broken trailer. It features parts of all four episodes in the series.

Just starting on plastics, they are not all the same. Plastic bags should not be put in your recycling bin. They are a nightmare when garbage is being sorted because they regularly jam up the machines.

Is all glass recyclable? If you don't know the answer to that question, this video will be extremely helpful.

To know for certain what you should do with a garbage item in question, Rock River Disposal created a Waste Wizard to help.

Another great resource for learning how to dispose of items in question, is Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful.

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