I've seen plenty of garbage in my life, but this thing takes the cake.

Actually, no it doesn't. There's so much garbage in that thing folks have decided just to start leaving their trash, including uneaten cake, near the bin.

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Seen in Rockford outside of an unnamed sporting goods store that rhymes with Rick's I spotted this heaping pile of garbage.

Lenny pic
Lenny pic

Honestly, I've seen worse but I don't think I was any more offended. That's because I've been around big piles of trash in other places like at concerts or sporting events.

It's just different when you're walking into a place that is expecting you to spend your dough, right?

The last thing you want is a garbage can that smells awful with more flies hanging around than a steaming cow patty.


So my question at that time was and still remains, "How do you manage to let that get so bad?" You know that's not just one person who decided then and there to empty all of their trash into this one poor unsuspecting receptacle, do you?

If so, that person might have other things going on in their life. What if it's a disgruntled employee who decided "Today's the day. I'm emptying my vehicle of all its 'carbage' and I'm putting it in, on, and around the bin just outside the entrance of my place of employment."

Sounds far-fetched, I know, but then again I didn't think I would see a Mount Everest of trash outside of a sporting goods store on a Saturday afternoon either.

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