How often do you tell your child not to talk to strangers?

If you said "everyday"; you're not alone. But how sure are you of your child's decisions when you're not there? Or even if you're just sitting feet away from them on playground; in plain sight?

It's one of the hardest parts about being a parent- teaching your child about the dangers of the world and hoping that when you send them off into it, no matter what their age, that they understood why you taught them those things and they actually listen. It's hard to relinquish control of your kids; you can't always be there to tell them what to do, so all you can do is pray they make the right decisions.

Every parent teaches their kids about "stranger danger", but how often do our kids listen to the warnings? Do they understand what they really mean? One guy wanted to find out by conducting a social experiment on unsuspecting children, innocently playing on a playground.  He asked moms if they warned their children not to talk to strangers; when they said "yes, he asked if he could put them to the test. The results were terrifying.

Every parent needs to watch this.

How do you think your child would respond?

It might be time to have another chat with your kids about the danger of talking to strangers.



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