I'm not a parent myself, but I have the most respect for ALL parents. I spend a day with my niece and nephew and feel like I need to sleep for a week. From holding them all day long, to running around, to keeping track of them, I'm not sure how they do it all.

However, because of the internet, parents have come up with and shared some pretty cool and funny hacks to help out their fellow parents. Now I'm not sure if this hack I'm about to share with you is a mother, an aunt, a baby sitter, or just a family member or friend. However, whoever she is, she's KILLING IT.

Say what you want, but I've pushed a stroller before and sometimes it's just too much. So why the heck would you not make it way easier and lets be honest ... way more fun.

Check her out ...

WHO IS SHE? I need to know.  We need to know. The WORLD needs to know.

So Rockford, do your thing. Help us identify her so we can properly credit this parenting hack.

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