Someone did us a huge favor and taste tested all of the salsas you can buy at grocery stores just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

I mean, we should send this woman a thank you note or something.

Her name is, and she writes for Delish. Thanks to her, I don't have to go to Target and get lost in the construction grabbing all of these salsas.

She took care of the dirty work. We can all just buy the best one to celebrate tomorrow.

So, what is the best store-bought salsa out there?

According to Makinze from Delish, Green Mountain Gringo Salsa is the king of the salsa.


She said, 'A chunkier salsa with a lot of flavor going on. We loved the heat and acidity. Get your chips ready.'

I'm afraid of the word heat... so I would probably choose the fifth best salsa, Tostitos Chunky Salsa. Because that's more sweet than heat.

What's your favorite salsa?

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