If you've ever seen me smile, you might have noticed that I have something that I'm very self conscious about (even though everyone says they couldn't notice)- it's my snaggle tooth. I had one baby tooth up until I was 38-years-old, causing my adult tooth to grow in above it.

Recently, I looked into having it fixed with braces, but holy cow, I couldn't believe how much it was going to cost. My dental insurance doesn't cover braces for grown-ups so I was looking at a $6,000 price tag; something I just can't afford. So, I'm stuck with the snaggle.

If your kids have braces, you understand my pain and frustration, it's 18-months of payments of $300 or more, am I right? But it's worth it, for you and your orthodontist. Let's be honest, there's no way putting brackets and screws and rubber bands in someone's mouth can be easy.

Not to mention, all the schooling and education needed before for you can even become an orthodontist has got to be a lengthy process and a spendy one, which might explain why, right now, being an orthodontist is the highest paying job in Illinois right now.

According to Moneyish.com, if you want to make $250,000 a year, you should opt for a medical job, with orthodontists in Illinois pulling in the highest annual salary with $262,770. Wow.

Is it too late to consider going back to school?

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