A couple of weeks ago, I really thought I was one of the lucky ones.

We were half way through January and I had yet to get sick; I felt like I had super human powers and was going to escape cold and flu season unscathed.

Nope. Reminder- if you every say "thankfully I haven't gotten sick yet" and follow that up by knocking on wood, make sure it's real wood and not plywood, it only works if you knock on real wood I guess.

Because Friday morning, it hit me, like a ton of bricks. I wasn't sure if it was the cold or flu, I just knew that I had a debilitating headache, fever, chills, body aches and extreme nausea. Death was knocking on my door and all I wanted was the couch.

Sound familiar?

If it does, then you need this over-the-counter drug combo that one our listeners told me about.

Tiki Huey via Facebook

After work Friday I swung through Walgreens and started taking this combo immediately.  Honestly, I was skeptical at first, but after reading all of the reviews on both products, I figured I had nothing to lose.

Within 6 hours I had already started to feel better; the nausea and chills had subsided, the body aches went away and by Saturday I was feeling human again; by Sunday I was out with friends having drinks. It really does work.

The total for both of them, at Walgreens, was about $30. It's a tad steep, but it was worth it knowing that I wouldn't have to go to immediate care of the ER.

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