Renting was a little more complicated than I expected.
Last weekend I had a high school friend's wedding to go to in Chicago. Downtown the day after Thanksgiving? I had no idea what to wear, so I decided to see what 'Rent the Runway' was all about.

First stop for something like this? Facebook of course.

I figured that is the best place to get honest answers. So many of my friends have used and loved the rental dress site, so I decided I was going to try it.

There's a chance I spent longer than I should have deciding what dress to order, because once I did decide, they were out of my "bonus size."

Get this, the best part of 'Rent the Runway,' is the free bonus size. No matter what dress you're renting (as long as the dress is in stock) you get a free bonus size in case the original size you ordered doesn't fit.

This is great, unless like me you order really late. However, it wouldn't have helped because the dress that did arrive was enormous. I thought I knew what size I was, apparently I did not.

The dress was also filled with blonde hair, smelled like a hotel and the zipper was stuck. I was so upset last Wednesday when I tried it on and realized there was no way it was going to work.

This is where the 'Rent the Runway' customer service agent saved the day. She said due to the condition of the dress I received, she would substitute the dress with a different dress of my choice but she couldn't guarantee arrival in time for my event.

I figured, I might as well try!

So I picked out a new dress (and a smaller bonus size) and ordered it.

With thirty minutes to spare, my second set of dresses arrived. I put on the smaller size and it was also huge. It was wearable, as you can see above, it was ok... but it really made me feel way more giant than I actually am.

Because I needed to leave for the wedding and I had the dress on, I went for it, but I was not pleased with what I looked like.

I will try renting again though because the customer service was great and the dress was nice looking but I now know how Amy Schumer can say she wears a size six.

My advice? Rent two sizes smaller than you actually wear.

Let me know how it goes if you decide to rent!

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