Today we learn all chicken parm is not the same. 

Earlier this week I tried out the Fit & Active chicken parm from Aldi and I was pretty disappointed with the lack of flavor, this time, however, I had the flavor... and the look... and some chewy bonus chicken.

Would I still eat this again? Yes, but I would hope there would be less "bonus chicken."

Also, Lean Cuisine, please don't make me cut my chicken. It's embarrassing to use a plastic knife with your plastic tray at your desk.

Frozen Find #6: Lean Cuisine Chicken Parmesan
“Breaded white meat chicken patty with spaghetti in a chunky tomato basil sauce”

310 calories, 9g fat, 10g sugar, 39g carbs, 18g protein

  • Smell: Smelled pretty delicious!
  • Appearance: Well this looks great. Until I realize that I have to cut this giant piece of chicken at my desk, not cool, not cool.
  • Texture: Everything tasted great until the bonus chicken encounter.
  • Size: Absolutely perfect sized for lunch. You won't be grabbing free cookies in the kitchen after this.
  • Deliciousness: I'd eat this again, but I would rather have something easier to eat at my desk, because I always eat at my desk and knives and keyboards don't mix, 6/10.

Love it or Leave it? Like it...


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