Finding money is not the worst thing in the world, especially when you're out spending money on drinks you maybe don't need.

In my thirty something years on this planet, I've found a lot of money on the ground.

I think this is because I watch my feet while I walk, which I know, is weird, but hey I have found money at the airport, in the snow, at the grocery store, at Target and at bars so it's not the worst trait.

I've found at least $250 in the last ten years and $40 of those dollars were at the same bar in Rockford, CJ's Public House.

Perhaps it's their 'cash only' rule that makes the cash literally flow all over the floor... or the inexpensive drinks and dance floor, but whatever it is, both times I've been there I found $20 on the floor.

And both times I look around and ask inebriated people if they lost money, then use the found money to buy more unnecessary drinks.

Have you ever found money at a Rockford bar?

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