Bartenders are the backbone of any good bar experience and make multitasking look like a breeze.  Cut them some slack if they don't serve you right away.

My neighbor's family owns a bar so I spend a lot of time there on weekends.  You see a lot just being a fly on the wall, imagine what it's like being a bartender when the bar gets packed!

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There's this thing called "bar etiquette" and I didn't know it existed until people were doing certain things that started to bother me haha.

Here are just a few things to remember at bars:

#5: Don't hit on your bartenders just to get free drinks - it ain't happening

#4: Don't wave your money at the bartenders to get their attention

#3: Remember you're not the only person trying to get a drink

#2: Use manners - why is that sooooo difficult?!


And my #1 BIGGEST bar ick?

When customers yell at the bartender to take their order, but when the bartender comes to serve them... they're not ready.  Ugh!

#1 Thing Illinois Bartenders Wish People Would Do At The Bar

My Illinois bartending friends told me they wish people would get all their drink orders ready before they yell, "hey, hey, hey" a thousand times. 

Your friends aren't ready.  You're not ready.  You're literally wasting the bartender's time when they could be serving other guests who actually know what they want.


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Also, know there are tons of people walking in at the same time as you and bartenders don't always know the order in which you came.  Be patient and respectful.

Tip well and drink responsibly!

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