We've all heard some terrible ones, but has anyone ever asked you this?

Friday night, I was sitting at the bar at a place I go to all the time just minding my own business, playing DJ from my phone and people watching.

We were there for a friend of my friend's birthday party so I didn't know that many people, which is totally fine.

One of those strangers sat down next to me, looked at my phone and said, "Who's your cell phone provider?"

I looked at him (strangely, I'm sure) and said, "Verizon." He responded by unzipping his jacket to reveal a Sprint polo underneath and said, "wrong answer."

Really? I told Mandy James this story and she said she would've asked him if he was trying to sell me a cell phone or pick me up.

Needless to say I told him Verizon is the best and ordered another vodka lemonade.

What's the strangest pick-up line you've ever come across?

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