An angry Rockford resident is taking issue with a garbage company in Rockford and the treatment of his garbage cans.

My first inclination was that garbage cans get wrecked like crazy during the winter months, snowfall, plows and freezing temperatures make those bins ripe for a smashing.

The email reads:

Rock river disposal refuses to be responsible for destroying both garbage and recycle bins. Last fall as the garbage truck drove by I saw them using their mechanical jaws to pick up the garbage bin and crushed it in the process. Called to ask for a replacement and was told that because I didn't have a standard 35-gallon bin they won't be responsible for it. Fine whatever... Fast forward to last week and they used the jaws again but this time cracked the 35 gallon city-issued blue recycle bin. It was crazy cold so I get it who'd want to get off the truck right? Anyway... called rock river again and was told the same story. No excuses this time but they just refused to be responsible for destroying the blue bin. They sure offered to sell me a new one for $30. Excuse me... so they can break all bins and I just have to keep buying them!!! This is completely effed up!

Hard to disagree with this persons' claims, but I'm sure they're not the only one who has had an issue with a busted garbage can this winter.

Has this happened to you? Do you feel like they should just buy a couple of new garbage receptacles or should the garbage company replace them?

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