Movie Monday is upon us once more, so allow me to give you a fun movie fact. Have you ever noticed that most phone numbers written/said in movies and television have "555" in them?

It's the main giveaway that they're fake. (It hasn't always been this way. It became a thing after creators learned the hard way that they were unintentionally giving out real numbers, or numbers that would eventually be real).

If you've watched the latest season of Stranger Things, you've met Murray Bauman. You might even know that his phone number is (618) 625-8313. Yes, Murray is from Southern Illinois, and no, it doesn't have 555 in it!

That's because if you call this number, you'll actually reach Murray! Well, you'll reach a pre-recorded message from him. And that message might just be a hint on a certain someone's mortality status (don't worry, no spoilers here).

You can also call 1-800-737-4154 and you’ll reach an automated operator for Scoops Ahoy, the Starcourt ice cream shop. That one just gives you info about a real life Scoops Ahoy pop up in California though.

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