What's up with this home listed at 4561 Prairie Road in Rockford?

This 1,600 square foot, 3 bed, 2 bath home posted on Facebook is for sale at a stout $14,900,000.

Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace

That's a huge chunk of change for most of us, and let's be honest here if you're going to spend $15 million on a home, it should probably have more bedrooms.

However, there might be more than meets the eye when it comes to this Rockford property. Here are a couple of reasons why the house is worth $15 million.

  1. There are gold bars buried somewhere in the house.
  2. It was Abraham Lincoln's home.
  3. It was Elvis Presley's home.
  4. Abraham Lincoln still lives there.
  5. Elvis Presley also lives there, but only in the basement.
  6. If you buy the home Lincoln and Presley will be dual butlers.
  7. Frank Lloyd Wright built the gazebo in the backyard.
  8. Behind the home is the Field of Dreams.
  9. Kevin Costner and Shoeless Joe Jackson will play baseball with you nightly.
  10. Free hot dogs forever.

Lastly, it might just be a typo and it's only worth $160,000. Throw in Elvis and Honest Abe as dual butlers and we're in.

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