When one of our favorite restaurants is closing, we appreciate being able to say goodbye for a few weeks, here's why you want to stop by Vintage @ 501 before it closes this month. 

If you haven't heard, Vintage @ 501 in downtown Rockford is closing after 12 years in business.

This is such a bummer for me, because I think Vintage was one of the first Rockford restaurants I visited when I started working here.

I'm not sure if it was the Caesar salad or the million dollar bacon that initially hooked me, but I made a point to take all of my friends to Vintage when they came to visit and eventually discovered the pop rocks martini and then I went whenever I had a chance.

Three Items to Order from Vintage Before They Close

That pop rocks martini tops the list of reasons why you need to pay Vintage a visit before August 12.

Pop Rocks Martini

It's hard to say what's better, the pop rocks rim or the actual drink. Sure you order it because of the candy, but the martini has champagne in it and it's so good.

Be careful though... it's still a martini.

Million Dollar Bacon

The second reason you need to stop by is the million dollar bacon.


It doesn't cost a million dollars (it's $8.99)... but it tastes like it. Whether you're eating the bacon as an appetizer, a meal or just because you are sad Vintage is closing, you have to order it if you stop in.

50/50 Burger

Finally, the 50/50 burger. Especially after you down a martini, you'll need some substance.


You have a little over a week to stop by Vintage and say your goodbyes, what will you order?

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