If you aren't familiar with what happened with Tide pods, in early 2018 it became a meme/viral video/challenge/social media thing to eat Tide Pods.  Now, when I first saw the meme I thought, 'funny, a broke college kid with tide pods on a plate and a fork'.  I then moved on with my life.  Turns out people thought ACTUALLY eating these things would be a good idea.  With far too many unnecessary deaths and scandals later, Tide is back in the news.

So what this time?  Well, they've got some new packaging for their liquid detergent.  How controversial could it be? What could parents be so worried about?  Well... if you've ever heard of boxed wine ...

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 6.25.20 PM
Ben King / BuzzFeed News

I'm sure you can clearly see the issue.

This is just asking for it Tide!  The internet is already going crazy with memes. Saying how a nice glass of Tide would go great with a plate of Tide Pods.  How similar the packaging is to every boxed wine ever. One Twitter user even wrote -

This is going end in death and tears.

Now that's a little dramatic, but this definitely won't go over well.  I understand the concept of convenience, but after the whole Tide Pod thing... it might be best to lay low.

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