TikTok has risen to the top of modern culture, captivating millions of users with its addicting short-form videos.

Remember when we were all held captive in our houses and the world was shut down?  If you started going stir-crazy like me, you probably turned to your electronics to keep you occupied.  I told myself I would never download TikTok and create an account, yet here I am going viral just about every other month lol.

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Whether it's to watch videos, make content, or get inspiration for your next craft project, there is always a reason to open TikTok - aka the most downloaded app with over five billion global downloads and over one billion monthly active users.

US And EU Ban TikTok From Staff Mobile Devices
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TikTok has not only redefined entertainment but also community, inclusivity and creativity.  Its absence would probably leaving us scrambling to find the next big thing.

If the platform vanished, would Illinois residents be devastated?

Illinoisans might be glued to their phones, but we're soaking in content from other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.  So, technically, we wouldn't be that upset to see TikTok go.


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Shockingly enough, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota landed high on the list of states who are the "most obsessed" with TikTok.  Illinois is one of thirteen states that spend more time on Instagram.  Curious why that is?

"TikTok is generally stronger in politically conservative states, while Instagram is generally stronger in politically liberal states." [start.io]


How long do YOU spend on TikTok every single day?  If it's more than 4-6 hours, you're more likely addicted than just "hopping on in your free time".

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