When I heard this was going down in Chicago, I couldn't believe it was actually true!

My sister is well known on TikTok for "consensual doxxing."  People ask my sister to find their birthdays with little, to no, information on their social media profiles... she's basically like the FBI haha.

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With over 800,000 followers on TikTok, one of her followers happens to be the Champion of 'Chopped' Season 2 - his name is Chef Sully and he's the chef for Drake the rapper while he's on tour.

Looooord, Drake is sooooooo fine. He has a chokehold over me.

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Now you're wondering, "Why the heck did your sister deliver a burger to Drake if he has a personal chef to make him food?"

How My Sister Ended Up Hand-Delivering a Burger to Drake in Chicago

Chef Sully said he was in Chicago for a few days and wanted some cheeseburgers from a restaurant my sister USED TO work at, The Loyalist.  It was voted Best Burger in the country!

He wanted to give Drake a few meal options before his show and needed burgers.

The downside: The Loyalist doesn't deliver.

The upside: My sister jumped in an Uber, picked up the cheeseburgers, and rushed over to Drake's hotel.

After my sister arrived at Drake's hotel, Chef Sully met her outside and got the food.  Sadly, she didn't get to meet Drake but apparently he loved the burgers!

Here's the full video of her experience, it's pretty insane that she can even tell this story. The most random thing I've heard all month lol.

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