A shocking video is making waves on the internet a man gets stuck mid-air on a drawbridge in Chicago.

Imagine: your boss calls asking why you're late for work and all you can say is you're currently stuck in mid-air hanging on for dear life on a drawbridge.  They 100% wouldn't believe you.... unless there was a video.

Nowadays, someone is always recording even if you think they're not.

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A TikTok user, keshondabougieass, shared footage of the Chicago bridge lifting for a boat to pass through while someone was still on the bridge.  I've never seen anything like it.  Insane!

If this wasn't a fear you had before, be prepared to fear it now.

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With nowhere to go, the person had to wait it out until the bridge slowly came back down.  With 8.5M views and counting,  this video has sparked so much conversation online.

Many are asking how this could happen if they have safety measures to follow before the bridge lifts, others are amazed by the bravery of the pedestrian, and most are saying how they'd react if they were ever in this situation.

"baby I would b screaming for my life" - 444

"that's been my biggest fear every time I RUN across that bridge. I will continue to fast walk/run now that I know it isn't just crazy fears" - AboveTheBar

"no because imagine being RIGHT in the middle of the bridge n falling" - adorekittyhaerin

I'm glad the person got off the bridge safely, but it's still a terrifying situation to be in.  Gives me chills watching the video!

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