Not too late in the Halloween season to get out and explore the creepy and ghostly.

This, however, is a different kind of "ghost" as in "ghost town."

BackyardExploration via YouTube
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The only spirits left are those wandering a town that apparently used to be quite bustling.

I'm sure you've heard of Cairo, Illinois if only due to the fact there's a city with the very same name in Egypt.

BackyardExploration via YouTube

Two things, there are more people in Cairo Egypt than there are in Cairo, Illinois and in the Land of Lincoln, folks pronounce Cairo, Care-Oh. Got it?

Anyway, Cairo in Illinois used to have residents. It's much smaller these days and worse yet, it was just named as one of the Best Creepy Ghost Towns to Visit in the US according to Money, inc.:

It was the destination of freed slaves and once a bustling town on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, at the confluence of the two. It was a going concern when the ferry and riverboat industries were at their peak, but when both collapsed, Cairo became a casualty. Today it is nothing more than a collection of the remnants of buildings and ruins.

"Ruins" is putting it lightly. A video from 2013 by BackyardExploration on YouTube features rubble and garbage, and quite honestly while watching the person who took the video wander through those empty buildings, I was afraid they might end up crashing through a floor.

BackyardExploration via YouTube

So while Money, inc. is was spot on calling Cairo one of America's best ghost towns, I'm not so sure anyone is headed there on a sightseeing expedition.

Then again, this YouTuber makes a pretty strong case to actually celebrate the rich history of Cairo.

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