May is the prime month for severe storms and tornadoes, and while we've been lucky so far this year, nearby communities are still reeling from last year's tornado that ripped through parts of northern Illinois.

Fairdale and Rochelle, both devastated by a tornado last April, have made some changes in preparation for this year. According to WREX,  a much needed siren was added in Fairdale and the aging siren that sat outside the fire station in Rochelle was replaced with a new model.  Ogle County Sheriff Brian VanVickle says, "Additional storm sirens are always a benefit. Whenever you can give that warning in advance to anybody, you're going to have the benefit of lives saved."

But not everyone takes cover when they hear that siren go off. There's something that's so alluring about a good storm, we need to take an epic video to prove we were there or maybe even a selfie, because let's face it, if you don't have a selfie with an F3 tornado heading your direction, then it didn't happen.

I'm more of a duck and cover person myself, so when I hear those sirens, I'm in a bath tub, covered by a mattress; in the basement and holding on for dear life. If only I were more brave. If I was, I maybe would've captured a moment like this one: teenagers Ali Marintzer and her prom date, Charlie Bator, snapped a photo before prom and were photobombed by a tornado.

If you're a parent, you're probably asking the same thing I was, "what were they thinking? What kind of parent allows their kids to put themselves in harms way; just for a prom picture?" Ali told KMGH-TV that the tornado was about 3 miles away at the time the photo was taken and they made sure they weren't in any danger before snapping the viral photo.

Is it kind of sad that I noticed her choice in footwear before I noticed the tornado?