If you've ever sat in the bleachers at Wrigley Field you know how easy it can be to make friends; people who might not have otherwise crossed paths quickly bond over their mutual admiration and love for their Chicago Cubs. It's a wonderful thing to experience...and share with others.

Here's a story that's worth sharing, and has already been shared over 1500 times on Facebook-- Lauren Hinkston Hintzsche was sitting in the bleachers with her husband John when she witnessed the most heartwarming act of kindness between complete strangers.

She described what happened on her Facebook page; it's a beautiful read, but I dare you not to ugly cry as you get toward the end.

Lauren explains that two brothers graciously helped an elderly couple in and out of their seats during the entire game; at one point the woman whispered to Lauren that her husband was going through chemo and this Cubs game was one of the last things on her husband's bucket list, they had done everything they could do and this was their last step. After some time had passed, the elderly gentleman leaned over to his wife and said, "I just love this!"

And I just love this story, don't you? Now, can you please pass me a tissue.

[H/T: WGN]

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