Yesterday I was doing some shopping for a new hat to wear to the gym; just as I was about to try it on, my hand stopped half way to my head and I thought, "eh, better not try this on unless you know for sure that you want to buy it."

You can just never be too careful these days when it comes to trying on anything that goes covers your head and face.

That's why medical officials have issued a warning about what could be crawling inside your kids store bought Halloween costume this year.

According to CBS, doctors see a spike in head lice cases this time a year, thanks in part to the numerous people who are trying on wigs, masks and hats in the Halloween aisles before you dish out the cash for them.

Health officials have issued some helpful tips to keep in mind when purchasing a costume from the store:

  • Place your costume, wig or mask in a sealed plastic bag for 48 hours; that will kill any lice which die within 24-48 hours.
  • You can also kill lice by placing dryer friendly items in the dryer, on high heat, for 45 minutes.
  • Maybe do both if you can.
  • You might look silly, but if you must try on a wig that doesn't come in a sealed bag, try it on with a swim cap, that will create a barrier between you and the creepy crawly things.

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